Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Target Tuesday!



This is my first post for Target Tuesday. Today is about amazing things that are great for plus size women too. I am a big girl and I love to giving suggestions for fashion to ordinary plus size women! I hope you enjoy my finds. 


Mossimo® Women's One Piece Polka-Dot Swimdress - Teal/White

My thoughts on clothing is not to hide yourself. It is to stand out in all the right ways. This bathing suit is a nice pop of color, but still covers everything that it needs too. Also it is totally cute!

Merona® Women's One Shoulder Shirred One Piece Swimsuit - Purple



 I also love this one! It has a nice funky twist to it with the one shoulder and the ruching technique also helps to hide the belly and may make you feel more comfortable. Comfortable can equal Confidence. 


Women's Xhilaration® Tallis Wedge Espadrilles - Natural

I loves wedges! They are so much easier to walk in and still you can feel sexy in a heel!



Women's Xhilaration® Tempie Crochet Wedge Sandals - Natural



 Crochet is also another accent I adore!

Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors Crochet V-Neck Top - Sour Cream


Flowing tops w/ mild cleavage are also another staple every plus size girl must have. It is another way to show some sass!



Merona® Women's Bermuda Short (Fit 1) - Erie Canal



 Bermuda shorts are amazing. You can still show some leg without showing to much. These are appropriate almost everywhere and a spring and summer must have. 

The point is not to hide, but to embrace your big girl! Love yourself for who you are and wear everything w/ confidence and a smile!






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  1. ok, both of those swimsuits are SO cute! also, i'm a big fan of the bermuda shorts! glad you linked up!! :)